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Candi Murray

May 23, 2007 at 9:59 AM

There are 329 women that have road memberships. All but 79 of them are Cat
4. At the weekly Monday night events the Cat 4 women usually outnumber the
sr women by 4 to 1. They usually have a sr man ride with them as a mentor.

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a lot of us ladies are still out there racing pretty much every weekend but
when there are multiple races in a weekend, there simply aren't enough of us
to go around!! (walla walla and enumclaw and mtb races conflicted with both
of the cancelled events) . . .

I know several 1/2/3 women that would like to see the situation improved and
are already communicating about ways to mentor/recruit new riders next year.
. . . are there still mentors at Monday night PIR? Anyway, if there are
promoters or others out there who want to try and organize clinics, mentors
etc, email me off list.


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