day 3 track world champs

April 1, 2007 at 4:06 PM

While I thought that the Spainard winning the points race at a Spain track
was fun, I had a even better one today.
Seems that teh Europe 6 day fans think that the Madison at Worlds is
suppose to be a big party also.
You would have to imagine the spectators. The track holds about 5000, there
are about 4500-4800 here today. Each seems to have their own little
section. They are color coded by tee shirts and or are wearing the flags of
their countries. The Spainards are red and have these red blow up sticks
that they bang together. the Netherlanders are organge. The Japan crowd
brought drums. The Spainards had an accordian. There are horns and or
trumpets up by the swiss.
The race is 16 teams. On this 250 meter track it does not seem crowded.
Unlike alpenrose where we make riders exchange low and not pass underneath.
there is no such rule here. And no need for one. The rider going out rides
the whole event. Does not drop to the aproñ or hold onto the railing. They
do not move up and down the track but hold there position and it does not
seem dangerous. There are exchanging teams all over the field. It is like a
choregraphed dance.
The race is one of laps. Unlike the points race where if you gain a lap you
gain 20 points. In the Madison if you gain a lap you are one lap ahead of
the others. Getting away is important. And of course very hard.
the crowd is vocal, loud and enthusiastic. Many times you cannot hear the
announcers because of the volume.
The race was 200 laps long. It came down to the last sprint and was very
possible to end in a tie. But it didn´t. the Swiss won by just one point. A
member of the 2nd place Netherland team got bumped after the lineand went
down and off to the hospital and missed the award ceremony. It was the only

The rest of the day seems quite tame. We did almost get to see a sub one
minute kilo as Chris Hoy of Great Britain went 1.00.999.
The womeñ´s points race was weak after the excitement. I kept imagining
hearing the riders saying "no you go" to each other time after time as they
rode around high on the track waiting for someone, anyone to make a move.
My crush on Theo Bos remains as he won the match sprints. Both his riders
were close as were the rides for 3rd and 4th.
It was fun. We are going for another ride today in the Majorca hills (yeah
this is Candi and I said hills).
See you all soon.

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