CASTELLI x TUESDAY PIR - Season announcements

William Laubernds

April 16, 2018 at 9:30 PM

We are a few weeks away from the season opener of Tuesday Night PIR. It is
in May this year, so we are guaranteed to have nice weather right?

To get things started off right, Castelli is putting $1000 cash on the line
for the team competition. This team competition will be a winner takes all
where the results from the 4/5s, 3/4s, and 1/2/3s all count towards the
team's total point. (If you are interested, I cover the team competition
and how it all breaks down in more detail on our site -

*Some new stuff:*
Bike Gallery has been gracious enough to donate 2 sets of wheels, tools,
and stand, so if you have a mechanical on your ride out to PIR, they have
you covered. Please repay them in kind by supporting the people that help
support us.

To help sweeten the individual competition, we have a new prize where if
you win the series for your category, you get free entry the following
month. If you win in August, you get free entry for the first month of 2019
if we both make it that long. If you win the 4/5s or the 3/4s and don't
upgrade, expect some heckling also.

There is no Tuesday Night PIR on May 29th, July 3rd, and August 28th this
year due to holidays or track conflicts. Feel free to show up, but you
might look out of place in your lycra.

*Some old, but still very good stuff:*
Castelli Leaders Jerseys are back for the individual competition and
looking sweeter than ever. Castelli has always done an amazing job of
supporting Tuesday Night PIR and all of OBRA. They are keeping that alive
with a fresh new design and a jersey for anyone that wins the series in
their category each month. (Series competition is for the 4/5s, 3/4s, and

10 Barrel stepped up again to support team competition. The 1st, 2nd, and
3rd place team get a $100, $75, and $50 gift card every month to help
subsidize the team's malty recovery beverages. Word is they will be out a
few nights this year with some cases of 22oz, so check the weekly update
emails for an announcement.

The schedule remains unchanged from last year.
5:00pm - Registration open
6:00pm - Juniors race presented by PDX Devo - 2 laps
6:20pm - Novice - 6-8 Laps
6:25pm - Men 4/5 - 7-10 Laps
6:40pm - Men 3/4 - Between 10-20 Laps, 2-4 Hot Spots
6:45pm - Men 1/2/3 - Between 12-23 Laps, 3-5 Hot Spots

Team and individual passes are both available online through our site - - or you can send me an email.

Prices remain unchanged from last year: $15 to pre-reg online (we pay the
fees) or $20 in person at registration.

May 1st is the first race of the season. Looking forward to seeing a bunch
of familiar faces and hopefully some new ones. Please email me if you have
any questions.