FS: Frame and wheels


October 23, 2017 at 2:53 PM

Thanks for shedding wisdom on the 11s compatibility of the wheelsets. I, and hopefully other readers, appreciate it!

Willing to entertain reasonable offers. Need this stuff to go asap.


Dead Man

October 13, 2017 at 7:30 PM

Si... all three of these wheelsets are easily converted to 11s. Hex set and 19mm spanner will handle the Eastons, and the Renolds doesn't even require any tools... the end caps just pull off my hand.

The conversion kits will run $80-90 locally through Western or possibly other local bike shops, or can usually be found online for even less... but yes, convertible.

I don't recall if the Eastons require a redish, but I know the Reynolds does not.

Redish, even if necessary, is pretty straightforward.... I personally think it's easier to push a rim over a MM or two than it is to re-true, a lot of times... but that's me. Usually just do like 1/8th turn clockwise on the non-drive nips each and bam - you'll be right there, and still perfectly true.

If this is of any help..


October 12, 2017 at 12:22 PM

1. 58 CAAD 9 frameset: black bbq colorway, few cosmetic scratches, no dents or anything of that sort. Includes frame, fork and BB30 Bearings.$225
I can include the seatpost, stem, bars and brakes for an additional $120.

2. Reynolds DV 46 tubulars: used sparingly, decent brake track and some free hub scoring. These are probably from around 2010 but have newer decals and Vittoria corsa tires glued (glue job done may 2016). Would be great wheels for uphill tt or hilly races. 10 spd but maybe able to convert. $300

3. Easton EA90 SL wheelset: from 2013 or 2014, 10 speed but I'm sure there is an 11 speed free hub out there. Really light for an everyday aluminum clincher. Haven't used them in a year, brake track great. A little brake rub on the decal on one side from broken spoke. Will toss in some gently used GP4000's if you would like. $230

4. Easton EA70X cx tubular wheelset: rim brake, 10 speed (probably convertable), brake track is okay. Wheels glued up with Tufo Cubus last October. Would be a great pit/ starter wheelset. $185

Wheels do not include skewers or casettes. Just drop me a message of line if you want pictures. Also will be at Cascade Locks Sunday.