Fun Fast Weekly Group Ride Every Sunday in PDX

Some Guy

June 16, 2017 at 7:25 AM

Get out and race The Hammer Velo Crit on Saturday, then join us Sunday morning on The Sauvie Shootout!

Please help me spread the word to your friends and join the Strava Club: -We depart every Sunday at 9 AM from Ovation Coffee -941 NW Overton

If you're race-curious or new to racing, ask Andrew for FREE 1 day OBRA membership for your first race of the season

This ride is different every week based on WHO shows up, not WHERE it goes.

"A" group will be spirited race simulation with 2 sprints per lap as marked on the route map. "B" group will roll a tempo paceline on the island for those not looking to race- also sweeping up those shelled from the 'A" group.

Please help ensure the longevity of The Sauvie Shootout by calling out those that are blatantly breaking the rules of the road. I don't want to be a nag, but I really don't want to see law enforcement nor angry Island Residents threaten the health of the Sauvie Shootout. Additionally, please take the opportunity to meet new people and welcome new faces to the group as well as catching up with your crew- If you don't meet someone new each week on The Shootout, you're missing one of it's objectives- Community.

Let's make sure we hold a neutral tempo pace on Hwy 30 and take the right lane. Shortly after we drop off the bridge, It's on -we split into A and B groups. If you get shot out of the back of a group, sit up and rest until you get swept up by the group behind you. It's not only more efficient to ride the island in a group, its more fun and a great opportunity to meet cyclists and practice/teach your skills riding in close proximity of others.

please INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! #sauvieshootout

In the unfortunate event of a flat on Hwy 30 or the Island, the group will continue on. Please go counterclockwise on Sauvie until you see the group approaching, then turn around to jump back in.

The Sauvie Shootout, a spirited weekly group drop ride, is intended to meet the diverse needs of cyclists in PDX including CAT 1/2/3/4/5 racers as well as club riders and Masters. I am offering my signature double-your-money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. One great benefit is that the Shootout follows the same route each week. Stay with me here- it is ANYTHING but boring. Riders get shelled from the Shootout every single week, but they keep coming back and try to make it a few more miles before falling off the next week. It will stoke the fire in the belly to train harder and do better the next week. The sense of cycling community a consistent ride like this creates is incredible.